We are your entrepreneurial partner, expanding your brand and providing complete risk management..

Comtecenterprise builds your brand together with you. We are your entrepreneurial partner, expanding your brand value through unique event initiatives and international activities alongside digital promotional campaigns, as well as providing risk management solutions.

Comtecenterprise brings uniquely valuable investment, professional know-how, experience and financing for your branded event, for a highly professional outcome. We provide the tools for you to advance to even greater successes – as true partners, with no intention to reinvent who you are and what your company represents.

Comtecenterprise can provide:

• A innovative line of domestic and international events in your field
• Market research / SWOT Analysis of the brand potential or continued growth opportunities
• Out-of-the-box promotional methodologies
• Innovations, tailor-made solutions and long-term strategies for brand expansion

Risk Management
At the end of the day, a key question remains: Was the event within budget?

Comtecenterprise takes on the financial responsibility for your event, as well as the risks that go along with it. We can offer this financial guarantee, because our budget agreements are fully transparent and precise.

Comtecenterprise is accountable from commencement to completion, delivering cost-effective and value-driven solutions. Together with you, we shape the vision, aims and financial targets of the event, ensuring transparency and proper workflow.

By promoting your event widely and across borders, Comtecenterprise assists in strategically creating content that increases your brand awareness and development. In becoming your partner, Comtecenterprise adopts promotional strategies to maintain and develop your brand awareness wherever possible.

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February 2017
  • Herzilya, Israel
    Feb. 21

    Launch of JOY Ventures Offices

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    Launch event of JOY Venture Offices in Herzliya Israel.

March 2017
  • Tel Aviv, Israel
    Mar. 27

    eHealth Ventures Inauguration

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    Inauguration of the eHealth Ventures – International and Local Partners, Digital Health Entrepreneurs held at the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation. Two-Hundred and Fifty guests in attendance to network, a panel focused on the clinical needs and outcomes that Digital Health is meant to deal with.

  • Holon, Israel
    Mar. 28

    AVIOS HIT – 2017 Annual Conference

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    One day conference held to bring relevant information from the overseas annual conference to the parties in Israel. Enabling full cooperation between academic researchers and industry leaders, creating synergies for sharing knowledge and multidisciplinary projects.

  • Tel Aviv, Israel
    Mar. 29

    The Center for Educational Technology – edtech summit, Shaping our Future

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    The Center for Educational Technology – edtech summit, “Shaping our Future” aims to empower educational systems around the globe through sharing our knowledge and expertise to create the learning environments of the future.


Successful brands can reach their full potential on the international stage.

Based on successes in organizing and promoting local events, Comtecenterprise has partnered with multiple companies to further develop their brands in ongoing partnerships.

Seeing the value of certain brands or localized events to their respective business communities, Comtecenterprise takes the initiative to advance them internationally. With the support and collaboration of Comtecenterprise, successful brands can reach their full potential on the international stage.