Inspired by the multicultural metropolis of Hong Kong.

Comtecasia is based in the multifaceted, multicultural metropolis of Hong Kong, from which we draw inspiration to meet our clients’ needs.

Strategically located to facilitate events in the Asia-Pacific region, Comtecasia provides the full spectrum of Comtecgroup services for local and regional brands. With expertise in event management and logistics, as well as extensive regional knowledge, Comtecasia ensures that your event meets the highest international production standards and incorporates the best of regional cultures.

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November 2004
  • Bangkok, Thailand
    Nov. 25-28

    The 1st Asian Pacific Congress on Controversies in Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility (COGI)

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    The aim is to provide a unique platform for world leaders and participants to conduct a vibrant discussion aimed at reaching consensus in the fields of Gynecology, Infertility & Reproductive Medicine.

November 2011
  • Bangkok, Thailand
    Nov. 24-27

    The 4th Asia Pacific Congress on Controversies in Obstetrics Gynecology and Infertility (COGI): Building Consensus in Gynecology, Infertility and Perinatology (BCGIP)

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    The Congress will promote excellence in the fields of Gynecology, Obstetrics, Infertility and Perinatology and aim to bridge gaps between the expansion of information and its implementation in clinical practice. International and local experts will share and compare experiences in stimulating and interactive debates.

December 2013
  • Jerusalem, Israel
    Dec. 31-Jan. 1
    Conference of Presidents

    Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations Fund – Israel Leadership Mission

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    The proven and effective voice of organized American Jewry for more than half a century, the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations Fund advances the interests of the American Jewish community, sustains broad-based support for Israel and addresses the critical concerns facing world Jewry.

May 2014
  • Bangkok, Thailand
    May. 11-13

    The 1st World Congress on Controversies in Myeloma (COMy)

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    The COMy Congress will bring to the forefront the latest and most controversial data and information in the field of Multiple Myeloma, providing a unique opportunity for world class leaders in the field to debate vital and contentious issues in Myeloma.

  • Tel Aviv, Israel
    May. 28

    Gala Evening – Thai Chef

    Chef Avigdor Brueh, of the Hilton Tel Aviv is hosting Celebrity Chef, Author and Lecturer of Thai Gastronomy, Chef McDang.

July 2014
  • Tel Aviv, Israel
    Jul. 1-3

    The 2nd Friends of Israel Urological Symposium (FOIU)

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    The FOIU Symposium continues as a unique initiative, creating an opportunity for Urologists, Uro-oncologists, Oncologists, Uro-pathologists and Uro-radiologists from all over the world to meet in Israel for a scientific and social forum.

  • Jerusalem, Israel
    Jul. 6
    Waldorf Astoria

    Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem – Opening Event

    Production and design of the opening event for the Waldorf Asotria Jerusalem

September 2014
  • Tel Aviv, Israel
    Sep. 16
    Loeweinstein Hospital

    Fundraising Event – Loeweinstein Hospital

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    Fundraising event for the Loewinstein Rehabilitation Hospital. A night of musical performances and acts produced and desgined by comtecgroup.

January 2015
  • Hong Kong, Hong Kong
    Jan. 31-Feb. 1
    Ovarian Club

    The Ovarian Club V – Asia Pacific Version: Preparing the Ovary for Egg Collection: Integrating Science into Practice

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    The Meeting will balance the best of oocyte-related science, from stem cells to matured eggs ready for harvest, fertilization, and beyond.

February 2016
  • Bangkok, Thailand
    Feb. 18-21

    The 2nd Asia – Australia Congress on Controversies Ophthalmology (COPHy AA)

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    Academically, the 2nd Asia – Australia COPHy Congress will raise the most dynamic and controversial topics facing clinicians in the field of Ophthalmology.

February 2017
  • Seoul, South Korea
    Feb. 9-12

    The 3rd Asia – Australia Congress on Controversies Ophthalmology (COPHy AA)

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    COPHy AA in Seoul will be devoted to evidence-based debates examining and analyzing the most relevant and controversial issues raised during the course of 2016 and 2017 within the field of ophthalmology.

World of Controversies

Audiences benefit from what is going on not only up on stage, but throughout the event venue.

Initiated by Comtecgroup under the Comtecmed division, the Controversies in Medicine Congress has had many great successes in a variety of medical fields throughout the years. From a few hundred attendees to several thousand, from a single hall to multiple buildings, each Congress is different, and we cater the individual characteristics of them all.

The Controversies in Medicine Congress is a forum for sharing the latest information, and providing a unique opportunity for world class leaders in their respective fields to debate the most vital and contentious issues. By allocating substantial time for discussions following each formal debate, audience members are encouraged to take part in this influential academic dialogue. This represents a sea-change from the way conventional scientific congresses are designed, with frontal lectures and a passive audience. At Controversies in Medicine Congresses, audiences participate, engage in discussion, and benefit from what is going on not only up on stage, but throughout the event venue. The Congresses often include hands-on workshops, roundtable and panel discussions, and “meet the professor” sessions.

The goals of the Controversies in Medicine Congress are:
  • To promote excellence in various disciplines of medicine by bringing to light current controversial issues and discussing them through the prism of evidence-based medicine, expert opinion and debate forums.
  • To bridge the gap between the diffusion of science and information, and its consolidation into clinical practice.
  • To reach agreed-upon resolutions to controversies, even when proof of effectiveness is lacking; to reach conclusions in ongoing debates in various fields of medicine.
  • To introduce Congress participants to world-renowned experts, and to highlight pressing clinical and technological issues.